Fancy A Swimming Pool? Swimming Pools Are Affordable For Every One!

Is it hot today? Would you like to have a dip in your own pool? But do you think you cannot afford one? Well think again! With the recent innovations and designs intex may have made your dream pool affordable.

Okay so it maybe an above ground swimming pool but then think of the benefits that this brings you.

An in ground pool can set you back £20,000 for just a very basic pool, or even the far side of £100,000 if you want a large one with fancy tiling or an unusual shape.

So do not overlook above ground pools – Indeed let us face it if you decide to move house you cannot take an in ground swimming pool with you, can you? Where as with an above ground pool you can simply empty the water out and disassemble the pool. Clean, easy, simple!

Even a very large rectangular metal framed pool will cost less than £5,000 or simply put a quarter of the cost of a similar sized in ground swimming pool.

And then there are the installation benefits. You can install a metal framed pool in just one day versus anywhere from three to six weeks for an in ground pool installation. This means no hiring of skips to take the soil away, or no hiring of a digger to remove the soil.

Whilst you will still need to run power to the pool, overall the installation will be far easier than with an in ground pool.

If you are on a limited budget then you could look at an easy set swimming pool rather than a metal framed one. These can now be bought in huge sizes up to eighteen feet in diameter. They are even simpler than a frame set pool to install, as all you have to do is inflate one rubber ring with a pump, and then fill the pool with water. The ring then floats up as the water rises, and the skin then forms the sides of the swimming pool. As it says “Easy set!”.

That said if you want a pool that you can use for exercise rather than just splashing about with the family then go for a rectangular frame set pool, as they can with stand a lot more frolicking about than an easy set pool. Indeed they offer most of the benefits of an in ground pool but at a fraction of the cost.