Choosing An Above Ground Pool

Okay so you have decided that you are fed up with going through blistering hot Summers without a nice swimming pool to duck into to cool down in. Or maybe you are jealous of hearing your neighbors have fun in their swimming pool.

Are pools expensive to buy? Well once they used to be but then along came intex who brought about mass manufacturing to the above ground pool industry, in fact one could go so far as to say that they invented the above ground pool industry.

Only a decade ago swimming pools were just the preserve of the rich and famous, and were very much seen as a status symbol. Yet know you can buy a ten foot easy set Intex pool for around £50. At this price you could easily afford to buy a new one each year! Even a large eighteen foot diameter easy set pool will set you back less then £300.

All of these easy set pools come with a mains powered water filter, and besides the initial purchase cost of the pool then you will have to budget for pool cleaning chemicals such as chlorine and ph plus and minus, all of which you will have to test the water for each day and treat the water accordingly.

If you do not do this then your pool will simply become a sea of green algae, as daily pool maintenance will be needed to avoid your water becoming dangerous. Water born bacteria can kill, plain and simple. You cannot rely on the water filter alone to keep the water clear and free of bacteria.

Above ground pools now come in many “Flavours” so to speak, with entry level pools being easy set ones with a simple rubber ring to inflate, and then simply fill the pool with water. The ring then floats up with the water forming the sides of the pool.

The next step up is a larger rectangular easy set pool, which works on the same principle.

Then you can move on to metal framed pools, which as the name suggests have a metal frame around the outside of which the pool liner is then hung from. These provide many of the benefits of an in ground swimming pool yet at a fraction of the cost. All of these intex pools also feature a mains powered water filter as well.

So have a look at above ground pools today, with Summer on the way now is the time to buy.