Ensuring Your Swimming Pool Is Safe

A safe swimming pool is a happy pool. Firstly before I talk about what you need for a safe pool, I will mention insurance. This may seem odd but if you have a swimming pool you really should take out insurance against accidents that may arise from people using the pool.

You may think you do not need it for your family, but if you are having friends around then you most certainly do. Picture this, your friends come around to use the pool but then one of them slips over on water at the poolside and breaks their leg, but it turns out they are self employed and cannot work until their leg heals.

This could result in you being sued for negligence if you did not have any anti-slip coating down alongside the pool, and even if you did you might still get sued by a sharp lawyer arguing that as you had anti-slip paint down, you by default acknowledged the poolside was slippy. So get some insurance to cover such an eventuality.

Secondly if you have some pool rules (And you should have) such as no running, no diving, or no jumping then put them up on a sign where they can clearly be seen.

Also ensure that you have a lifebelt close to the poolside with a lifeline attached to it. Also get a rescue pole with a rubber loop on the end of it, so that a non-swimmer can carry out a rescue from the side of the pool, as you can almost guarantee that if someone gets into trouble in the pool there will be nobody there but the non-swimmer to rescue them. Make sure this safety equipment can be easily found.

Paint the outside of your poolside covings with rubberized anti-slip paint in order to give it some grip for bare feet when it is wet.

Have a first aid kit to hand, as it is surprising how often, particularly at a pool party, that someone will take a minor knock or graze their arm. Keep it maintained and check it regularly, as someone may use it when you are not there.

Consider investing in a pool alarm, these are commonly used when the swimming pool is not in use. They fire out infrared rays over the swimming pool and if a person or a pet falls in then the alarm will be triggered inside your house, enabling you to take action.