Easy To Assemble Swimming Pools

Do you like the idea of having a swimming pool in your garden for you and your kids to play in? But you are worried by the cost of building an in ground pool, as well as how long it will take to install and how hard it will be to maintain?

Well if that is what is worrying you then why not consider one of the wide range of above ground pools available from one of the market leaders such as intex, who through mass production have brought above ground swimming pools down to an affordable level that nearly every household can aspire to, with basic easy set above ground pools starting at less than £100 including a water pump and filter.

In fact when it comes to easy to assembly pools then it is easy to see why intex is the Worldwide market leader in above ground swimming pools.

If you are going to buy your first pool then there are a couple of simple questions that you need to ask yourself, firstly how big a pool do I need (Note this is a very different question from how big a pool do you want!) to satisfy my requirements e.g. family fun pool, or one big enough to exercise in.

Are you going to use it all year round or just in Summer and take it down in Winter, or is it going to be a year round facility?

This decision alone will have a major impact on what above ground pool that you decide to buy. If it is just a pool for cooling off in and having fun playing water games with the kids then your best option is an easy set pool, which can be set up in a few minutes (Although it may take a day to fill with water) and taken down just as fast.

However if you want a swimming pool that is a more semi-permanent solution then maybe a metal frame set pool is the one for you, as they are more robust and available in rectangular as well as round shapes, making them more suitable for those wanting a pool to exercise in.

Or if you are looking for something that is as near to a permanent above ground swimming pool as possible then why not consider a metal sided or wooden sided pool, both of which provide all the benefits of an in ground pool without the cost of building one.