Swimming Pool Water Treatment Guide - Stabilizer Testing

Swimming pool sanitizers ie Chlorine is very unstable. The effectiveness of chlorine is broken down by the effects of temperatures and UV rays from the sun, these turn chlorine into inactive components make them less effective on cleaning your swimming pool.

A compound that can help to protect your pools chlorine from these negative effects that heat and the suns UV rays give and stabilizers or cyanuric acids. When using these compounds they do two things for you by protecting your pools water:

  1. They give a cleaner and safer water source for swimmers throughout the whole day.
  2. Help to reduce the amount of chlorine need  in your pool to maintain disinfection levels.

Research results show that swimming pools that do not have stabilizers can loss around 90% of the total chlorine residual in about two - three hours when its a sunny day. However swimming pools treated with 25 - 50 milligrams per litre of cyanuric acid will only loss 10- 15% total chlorine in the same conditions.

An acceptable level of stabilizer is around 40 - 80ppm, but ideally the stabilizer level should be maintained at 50ppm. Very little if any stabilizer needs to be added if you are going to use a stabilized chlorine product. If you would like to know how much stabilizer your pool needs you should check the manufactures instructions or search online for 'stabilizer calculators'.

Try using a non-stabilized chlorine is you have high levels of stabilizer until your stabilizer levels drop to its recommended levels.

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