Inflatable Hot Tubs Buying Guide

Your guide to Inflatable Hot Tubs

Introduction to Inflatable Hot Tubs

There is no doubt that once you experience one of the Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs, you won't ever look back. These spas will leave you with an amazing feeling of relaxation for personal or social experience. Thanks to Lay Z Spa, these hot tubs are made affordable too. They have a unique stylish appearance and very low maintenance, as well. So which one is for you?

Range of inflatable hot tubs from Lay Z Spa!

  • World's best selling inflatable hot tubs
  • 12 Lay Z Spa hot tubs on offer
  • Ranging from £299.99 to £599.99!

Easy to set up and maintain ...

Excellent size from Lay Z Spa ...

  • Cater as a couple
  • Fit up to 4 people in the tub
  • 80 massage air jets minimum
  • Rapid heating system

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Intex PureSpa Range ...

Our Recommended Lay Z Spa Hot Tubs

Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

The cheapest of the bunch at just £299.99, the Lay Z Spa Miami tub is available for the 2018 summer season. Truly high quality and portable, it is an ideal choice for your garden, holiday campsite or holiday home. It has 80 massage air jets, water filtration systems and is CE approved.

The digital control panel is made for easy use and it comes with controls to adjust the temperature up to 40C. Lay Z Spa hot tubs are able to set up to a standard UK socket side, also.

Lay Z Spa Vegas Inflatable Hot Tub

This was the best selling inflatable hot tub from 2017 for Splash and Relax. The Lay Z Spa Vegas Inflatable Hot Tub is perfect to cater up to 4 adults. It comes with exactly the same features as the Miami hot tub but in a sleek white design matching up with the white coloured pump provide.

Bestway are the providers of the Lay Z Spa range and are the 2nd largest inflatable products manufacturer worldwide. They have over 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, with excellent quality control standards.

Lay Z Spa Monaco Rigid Portable Hot Tub

Whilst this tub isn't inflatable, it is a completely portable hot tub which folds away very neatly for the months it plans to go unused. The rigid sides provide excellent support and reduce the side wall width from the fully inflatable version to allow greater internal space.

The base of the tub is cushioned and comfortable for everyone. It can hold up to 8 people with features which include leatheroid outer material, rapid heating system and large amount of turbo jets.

Lay Z Spa Palm Spring Inflatable Hot Tub

The Lay Z Spa Palm Springs is the popular new kid on the block! Suitable for up to 6 adults, is has a 3 layer reinforced body and rapid heating system that will fill your summer evenings with plenty of fun.

But be quick, this tub is selling fast since we released it at Splash & Relax - so get your orders in now!