The Importance of Finding the Right Swimming Pool

Its very important to find the right swimming pool for you and your family which is why we ask that you read the whole of this page before jumpping into buying a new swimming pool. We have also set up a page with a short description on each different type of swimming pool which can be found on our swimming pool information page.

In our opinion making sure every custom has the right swimming pool is of the up most importance, so you should consider some key factors before you place any sort of order from us or any other supplier.

We have a list of some key factors that will pay a large part in you finding the right swimming pool for your home, family and friends.

Number of pool users:
The amount of people that will be using your pool on a regular basis will play one of the biggest parts in your choice of chossing a swimming pool. For example if you have a family of 5 that will all enjoy using your new pool most days of the week you will not want to buy a small 2-3 man pool as you will not all fit in it at once.

Pool usage:
This runs in to the above a little. Again using the 5 people example, but if only 2-3 members of your family are interested in using the swimming pool on a regular basis you may be better of buying a slihtly small pool as it could be a waste of time and water running a large pool all year round.

Pool area:
This is also a very large fator in picking the right swimming pool for your home. You will need to measure the area you plan on installing your pool and making sure you have plenty of room to use the swimming pool as well as having room around the pool for you to enjoy the whole of your garden and pool games without having to be constricted to a small confind space.

Pool Users:
This is one that many families often miss out when picking their first or a new swimming pool. For example if you have a family of 5, 2 adults, 2 teens and a todler you will need to cater for all three age groups. Although this can be a little harder to pick for, Inflatable pools, metal frame pools and splasher pools are of the best choice for this solutions. Rest asured we are sure to have a pool which can be used safely by all the members of your family.

Pool Lighting:
If you are planing on using your swimming pool of a night time, say when you have a party or just to relax of an evening after a long days work, you may require pool lighting. This is very important as using a swimming pool without the right lighting fitures may turn your pool enjoyment in to a nightmear.

Pool Installation:
There are many different types of swimming pools for different areas which require a different type of installation. For example if you require an indoor swimming pool you may want to look in to getting a in-ground swimming pool but, you will need to check this will work in the building and part of the building you plan to install. On the other hand if you are after an above-ground pool for the garden you will need to check for the amount of space, flat ground, surounding trees and so on.