Swimming Pools Information Guide

First of all we will start with a short explanation on each type of swimming pool just so you know what you are looking at and to help when you come to order your swimming pool.

If you already know all your types of swimming pools you may want to take a look over our new pool questions and answer page on finding the right swimming pool for you and your family.


Inflatable Pools Information:
Our Inflatable pools are manufactured by the two top swimming pool brands Intex Pools and Bestway Pools, we stock a wide range of inflatable swimming pools from these two brands as they are of the highest swimming pool quality and we can offer them to you at truly unbeatable prices.

Intex Inflatable Pools are leaders in easy set up and maintenance, with no tools need for set up you can assemble Intex inflatable swimming pools just about anywhere as long as you have a flat surface.

Bestway Fast set Inflatable Pools are also a leading brand name in inflatable pools as these are also one of the fastest swimming pool ranges to set up and take down.

In conclusion Intex Swimming Pools and Bestway Pools are the two top and most used Inflatable Pool brands in the UK and USA due to the easy maintenance design and the fast set up option these great inflatable swimming pools offer time and time again.


Paddling Pools Information:
Paddling swimming pools are the same as Inflatable swimming pools.


Steel Pools Information:
Stainless steel swimming pools have a much longer life expectancy then most other types of swimming pool as they are not prone to cracks, blistering or loss of colours and stains.

Installation of steel pools is also fast and easy compared to all other types of permanent swimming pools plus steel pools will not crack under presser of ground movement like some other types of above-ground pools have been know to do.

In conclusion stainless steel swimming pools are the best type of swimming pool for a permanent above-ground swimming pool.


Splasher Pools Information:
These are great for an older child and adults as most Splasher Pools tend to come in depths of 36" - 42" making them great to swim or relax in.

Splasher swimming pools also come with the best stability (other then solid wall pools) due to their rigid sides. Also our splasher pools all come with a filtration system built in so that you don't have to empty and refill the swimming pool all the time, meaning all you have to do is change your filter and top up the chemicals as needed.


Zodiac Original Pools Information:
These are inflatable swimming pools but they are in a class of there own which is why we have to list them in their own product section as these swimming pools are just to good in many ways. And Zodiac Pools are just as easy to set up as any other inflatable pool.

Zodiac swimming pools are very intelligent in a way as they have managed to find a way of heating the pool water without any help other then air! Thats right just by filling the outer ring on a Zodiac swimming pool your pools water can heat up by 2.5°C just from the air and water circulating through the outer tube.


Metal Frame Round Pools Information:
The Intex Metal Frame Round Pools are made with the highest level of reinforced PVC with tightly woven Nylon webbing and a galvanised rust resistant steel frame to give them a semi-rigid above ground swimming pool structure.

Metal frame swimming pools are very easy to set up and often come with a range of extras to make your life and time in the swimming pool much more enjoyable.


Rectangular Pools Information:
Our Rectangular swimming pools are a mixture of different types of swimming pools put into a much liked category as these swimming pools are much better for the swimming that wants more room to play, relax and swim but still at great prices.


Wooden Pools Information:
In my mind wooden swimming pools are one of the best as you can use them both in-ground and above-ground (check description as the odd one is not for in-ground).

In-ground wooden swimming pools just add a grand look and feel to your whole garden area when they are installed correctly and with some nice added features you can make it look really good adding a great WOW factor to your work.

Even when wooden pools are placed above-ground they can look truly stunning if install in the right place with add features, and your family and friends will come over time after time to sit in the pool with you.


In-Ground Pools Information:
Often in-ground pools are made from wood to give them the best strength they could possible have.

In-ground swimming pool are a great feature to add to your garden especially if you are going to go all out and add features around the pool to compliment it and give the ultimate WOW effect for all to see.


Swimming Pool Enclosures Information:
We have four different types of swimming pool enclosures which should suite any swimming pool you order from us or already have.

The main reason for needing a swimming pool enclosure is to help protect your pool from the weather, also having a pool enclosure will prolong your outdoor swimming activities. All of this will make you swimming pool last long and allow you to spend much more time in your pool.


If you still do not know what type of swimming pool you are after you may want to have a look at our swimming pool buyers guides as they go into much more information about each type of swimming pool.