Steel Pools

Steel Swimming Pools

We stock a range of Brand Steel Pools including Mirage steel pools, Doughboy steel pools, Regatta steel pool, Intex steel pools, Equinox II steel pool and Vogue steel pools. All of our steel pools come in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Our Steel Pools start from just £817 and come with a range on accessories such as Steel Pool Heating, Steel Pool Lighting, Steel Pool pumps, Toys & Games and Swimming Aids.

The advantages of Steel Swimming Pools

Steel Swimming Pools have two main advantages which are price and weight. Steel Swimming Pools are the heaviest of all types of swimming pools making a steel swimming pool very solid and safe. As most will know steel will eventually rust BUT, with the methods of modern day manufacturing a steel swimming pool can be made with a life span of 20 years.

For our customers buying online we also provide Steel Pools Buyer's Guide, Swimming Pool Information, Delivery information on Steel Pools, our Warranties for Steel Pools.

If you need help buy Steel Pools then please call us. Our UK office number is 0800 032 4537

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