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Sledges and Toboggans Buying Guide

At Splash & Relax, we have a wide range of toboggans and sledges to meet your requirements available in plastic, wooden and inflatable form, as well as an exciting range of snowboards - all available at affordable prices.

Swimming Pools FAQs

Find a wide range of questions and answers which are commonly asked by our customers and those looking to buy a swimming pool be it a first time buyer or someone looking to replace an older pool.

Swimming Pools Buying Guide

Our swimming pools buying guide has information on all types of pools including: Paddling Pools, Inflatable Pools, Metal Frame Round Pools, Rectangular Pools, Splasher Pools, Steel Pools, Wooden Pools and Zodiac Original Pools

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Hot Tubs Buying Guide

Our hot tubs buying guide has information on all types of hot tubs and spas including: Inflatable Hot Tubs, Portable Spas and Garden Hot Tubs

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Swimming Pool Water Guides

We have a series of guides about how to care for your pool or hot tub water, including how to ensure it has the right pH, amount of chlorine and levels of calcium hardness.

Inflatable Pools Buying Guide

We have a wide range of inflatable pools from leading brands including Bestway and Intex and our guide contains all the information you will need when buying an inflatable pool.

Steel Pools Buying Guide

Our guide to steel pools has all the information you need to help you decide which of our many steel pools to buy as well as important installation and safety information.

Trampolines Buying Guide

Need help picking the right trampoline for your garden? Our buying guide has all the information you need to help you decide, including size and safety information.

Games Tables Buying Guide

We stock a huge range of games tables for both home and professional use from leading games table brands such as BCE and Mightymast. Our guide will help you decide on a games table to purchase.

Fireworks Buying Guide

At Splash and Relax, we want to help to make sure that your firework event is as enjoyable and as safe as it can possibly be. Follow our safety guidelines and have a great event!

Saunas Buying Guide

Our saunas buying guide explains how the newer infrared saunas work and the advantages they have over traditional steam-based saunas.

Pool and Snooker Tables Buying Guide

If you enjoy playing on pool or snooker tables but don't like having to go to the local pub or club each time to wait to play on their tables, you have come to the right place.

Air Hockey Tables Buying Guide

We stock air hockey tables in a multitude of styles and sizes, whether you're looking for something smaller for children or a full size arcade replica table.

Football Tables Buying Guide

We have a wide range of football tables from leading brands such as BCE and Gamesson. Our guide can help you find the right football table for any age and skill level.

Table Tennis Tables Buying Guide

Table tennis is an easy game to pick up and we have just the table tennis table to suit your needs. Our buying guide will help you find what you need.

Multi Games Tables Buying Guide

If you don't have a lot of space, a multi games table could be just what you're looking for - all the fun of multiple games but only taking up the space of one games table.

Gamesson Games Tables Buying Guide

When it comes to games tables, Gamesson are one of the biggest brands in Europe. With our guide to Gamesson games tables, you'll have no trouble finding the right Gamesson product for you.