Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa
Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa
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Shropshire 5.8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spa

Top reasons to buy

  • Independent temperature control in each compartment
  • 4 LED lights in cabinet corner panels
  • Additional circulation pumps for extra quiet filtration
  • Includes ozonator and perimeter LED lighting
  • Capacity: 12500/14500litres
  • Total Jets: 75
  • Number of Seats: 8


Whilst we offer a range of endless swim/spa combination units, the Shropshire 5,8 Metre Twin Zone Swim Spas is one of the very best we sell as the hot tub part of the unit is a separate area from the swim zone. This means that whilst one of you swims the rest of the family can enjoy the hot tub at the same time, and what a great hot spa it is with 69 hydrotherapy jets. This model has to be the most powerful we sell with six 3 hp pumps powering 6 turbo swim jets. Whilst 130 cm deep you can by a deeper 155 cm model.

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Product Detail Product Detail

The Shropshire Swim Spa is great for vigorous exercise but also doubles up as a high quality hot tub. The hot tub end features six seats including two loungers. It is partitioned off from the exercise pool part, allowing independent control of temperature in each compartment. After your exercise swim, powered by 6 turbo swim jets, simply relax in the hot tub that boasts 69 hydrotherapy jets. Six 3hp pumps give massive power to this swim spa- yes, that's SIX!!

This swim spa is packed with extra features including:-

  • 4 LED lights in cabinet corner panels
  • Perimeter LED lighting
  • Ozonator
  • Six pumps
  • Two circulation pumps
  • 6 turbo swim jets

Six powerful 3hp pumps are used to supply the 69 all-active hydrotherapy water jets and the 6 turbo swim jets- 2 for the hot tub and 4 for the swim spa. Additional circulation pumps are included for extra quiet filtration- ideal for patios and timber decks, or where the spa is to be sited close to a neighbour's fence.

The standard Shropshire model is 130cm deep. Also available as an option is a deeper 155cm unit.

Only the best components are used including American Balboa controls and Waterway pumps- beware of low priced, low quality alternatives on the market! 

The British Spa Company are leaders in the supply of high quality great value for money hot tubs and associated products. Their hot tubs are made from the best materials and each detail is manufactured carefully and tested thoroughly. As a result, every British Company spa meets the highest quality standards.

A good spa begins with a good spa shell! The time-tested acrylic surface ensures lasting durability. Each hot tub is made using continuous-cast acrylic. Different layers of woven glass fiber in combination with dense urethane insulation result in a tremendously strong shell structure. The acrylic with its granite look, works well as a decorative feature, complementing both indoor and outdoor surroundings, making your hot tub a true part of its environment. Aristech's patented pebbled texture also minimizes water spots, fingerprints and other marks.

On the outside, the beautifully crafted 'synthetic' wood cabinet combines the warmth and beauty of natural wood with the low maintenance and high durability of rigid polymers. Maintenance is simple since 'plastic' wood won't crack or peel.

The thermal cover, made from dense polystyrene foam, seals the spa form the top in order to conserve the water's heat!

The Shropshire Swim Spa is supplied as standard with a Silver Marble acrylic shell, and a coffee coloured wood-effect thermoclad cabinet. There are a number of other shell and cabinet colours available to order, on an 10-12 week lead time, for an extra charge of £199 for the shell, and £149 for the cabinet. Please contact us for further details.

Shell colours;

Silver Marble, Midnight Blue, Caribbean Blue, Azurite, Cinnabar, Mystic Emerald, Midnight Opal, White Pearlescent, Bluegrass, Sahara, Gypsum.

Cabinet colours:

Coffee Permawood, Red Permawood, Grey Permawood, Cedar Permawood, Ash Permawood.

The hydrotherapy jets are strategically located to give you the ultimate acupressure massage. Utilizing high flow water jets, we have put together the perfect package that will soothe and massage your aching muscles. At the same time, high performance pumps and manifolding ensure steady water pressure at every jet.

Warm bubbling water helps to increase blood flow and stimulates endorphins proving a natural healing process and a sense of well being. When your blood vessels are dilated, the heat of the water speeds the flow of blood to sore muscles or damaged tissue. The rhythmic pressure of water streaming through the jets soothes away soreness and tension. Our hydrotherapeutic seats and loungers are ergonomically designed to reach and message away the stress of the day.

Leave the phones, noise, traffic and the demands of a busy life behind and sink into the warm soothing waters of a British Company spa!
Delivery and Warranty Package 1 is included, with delivery to kerbside by courier; a 2 year Parts Warranty on the pumps;  2 year Parts Warranty on all other electrical and plumbing equipment. The spa surface is guaranteed for 8 years and the structure for 10 years.

Positioning: This MUST be done with a crane. The crane company MUST supply spreader bars (these bars push the lifting slings apart above the swim spa so that it is not crushed under its own weight).

Site Access: The Swim Spa is normally delivered on a curtain-sided artic truck. Your crane company will need to ensure that there is sufficient access for their vehicles as well as the delivery vehicle.



Jets & their benefits

hot tub jets


Product Specification Product Specification
Brand:The British Spa CompanySize:582 x 224 x 130/155cm
Code:ShropshireNumber of Seats:8
Capacity:12500/14500 litresDry Weight:1550/1700 kg
Filled Weight:14050/16050 kgInsulation:Polyurethane, Heat Lock
Total Jets:75 Micro Jets:49
Luxury Swirl Jets:15 Neck Jets:5
Recliners:2 Massage Seats:8
Headrests:4 2 Speed Pump (HP):5 x 3hp
Booster Pump:3HPCirculation Pump:YES
Heater:3 & 6 kWOzone Purifier:YES
Light:4 x Cabinet LED plus perimterCover:YES
AMPS:20 + 40 amps Steps:Optional
Chemical Kit:OptionalWarranty:2 YEAR
Finance Option:YESKerbside Delivery:Optional
Installation:OptionalType:Swim Spas
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