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Ticket to Ride Board Game
Ticket to Ride Board Game
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Ticket to Ride Board Game

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Ticket to Ride can be learned in 3 minutes. Provides players with intense strategic and tactical decisions every turn. One of the most successful games of all time. Based on the classic story of Phileas Fogg's expedition around the world.

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A railway adventure

Since its release in 2004, Ticket to Ride has become one of the most successful games of all time and its widespread popularity has led to the creation of several expansion sets that allow for the exploration of new aspects of the game. With elegantly simple gameplay, Ticket to Ride can be learned in under 15 minutes while providing players with intense strategic and tactical decisions every turn.

Make your way across 1900s America

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure. Players compete to connect different cities by laying claim to railway routes on a map of 20th century North America, visiting great cities and collecting points along the way. On each turn, players can collect cards of various types of train cars, purchase destination tickets or claim routes with pre-owned train cards. The longer the route claimed, the more points earned. Additional points are also added to those who complete their destination ticket goals as well as to the one player who builds the longest continuous route.

Inspired by a literature classic

Paying tribute to Phileas Fogg’s expedition around the world, Ticket to Ride sets out to out to create the perfect setting for an impossible journey in a winner-takes-all competition. Who can travel by rail to the most cities in North America in just 7 days? The journey begins immediately.

Great quality pieces

Ticket to Ride features high-quality illustrations and components including a board with a map of North America, 225 custom train cars, over 100 illustrated train cards and wooden scoring markers as well as 30 destination tickets.

Simple Rules

The rules are so simple you could write them on a train ticket. Each turn you either draw more cards, claim a route or get additional destination tickets. The tension comes from being forced to balance the temptation to add more cards to your hand with the fear of losing a critical route to a competitor.

For all players alike

Since being first introduced in 2004, Ticket to Ride has continually delighted millions of board game fans worldwide, winning numerous awards and becoming the epitome of a "gateway game" - simple enough to be taught in a few minutes and with enough action and tension to keep new players as well as board game connoisseurs involved for the game's duration.


  • Board with map of North America train routes
  • 240 coloured train cars
  • 110 train car cards
  • 30 destination tickets
  • Summary card
  • 5 wooden scoring markers
  • Rule booklet

For ages 8+ and for 2 to 5 players. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Playing time: 30-60 minutes.

Product Specification Product Specification
Brand:Esdevium GamesAge:8+ years
Box Length:76 mmBox Height:298 mm
Box Width:298 mmCode:DOW7201
Average Play Time:30-60 minsPlayers:2-5
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