Chemistry 600
Chemistry 600 Chemistry 600 Chemistry 600
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Chemistry 600

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Write Secret messages and maker your volcano erupt using chemical reactions. Find out what Chemistry, density, surface tension, ph and acid and bases are. 25 Experiments. 36-page coloured book providing detailed instructions and scientific information. Science4you´s vision is to improve educational standards in society by developing toys and games allowing children to learn while playing, in a simple and intuitive way.

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Product Detail Product Detail

Discover what chemistry is, Learn how fun chemistry can be with the creations you develop, Chemistry 600 includes 25 exciting experiments for you to master! Box Contains: Funnel, Round filter papers, Red food colouring, Small measuring cups, Plastic spatula, Plastic test tubes with lid, Sodium bicarbonate, Balloons, Pasteur pipettes, Wooden spatulas, Protective goggles, Large measuring cups, Protective gloves, pH test strips

Product Specification Product Specification
Brand:Science4uAge:8+ years
Box Length:229 mm
Box Height:76 mmBox Width:229 mm
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