St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa
St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa
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St.Lawrence Deluxe 16ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub by Canadian Spa

  • Delivery iconFREE 6-8 weeks delivery

Top reasons to buy

  • Lane control jet system keeps you centered in the swim lane
  • LED lighting system with lit twin waterfall
  • Maintenance free cabinet
  • Includes ozonator
  • Capacity: 8500litres
  • Total Jets: 72
  • Number of Seats: 3

WITH FREE DELIVERY (subject to site survey).

One of the larger garden swim spas that Splash and Relax sell the Canadian Spa St. Lawrence Deluxe 16 ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub offers an excellent endless swimming solution, and incorporates the unique swim lane system that keeps you centered in the pool. It's a swimmers delight and the endless pool swim system can be adjusted from a lazy river to a massive flow rate of 659 gallons a minute for a very strong swim indeed. The 72 water therapy jets in the five built in seats can help you relax after your workout. This is the perfect spa and swimming combination.


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Product Detail Product Detail

WITH FREE KERBSIDE DELIVERY (Excludes Highlands and Islands- contact us for a quotation- subject to site survey).

The serious swimmer's dream! At nearly 5 metres long, with three swim jets and five river jetsand the Canadian Spa unique Swim Lane System. The St.Lawrence Deluxe combines and endless pool (where you swim against the current) with a traditional hot tub- the best of both worlds!

The St Lawrence Swim Spa is tailor-made for the swimming enthusiast. The swim jets create currents from a gentle flow that are perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises right up to a 659 gallons per minute rush (3000 litres) that will give serious recreational swimmers a chance to really let out their stroke.

As experienced swimmers know, one of the challenges is "staying in your lane." Differences in side strength and stroke patterns create a tendency to pull to one side or another. Canadian Spa unique Swim Lane System keeps you "in the groove" with our 5 swim jets that keep you centered in the swim lane. After a good swim, relax with a soothing massage in one of the two multi-jet Captain's Chairs at the spa end.

Included are entry/exit steps on both sides of the pool as well as at one end. Large LED lights illuminate the entry steps for safety and added relaxation. LED waterfalls illuminate a solid sheet of water in synchronisation with the main LED system. 

Swimming is widely considered to be the most beneficial form of aerobic exercise - ideal for building strength and endurance with a low impact on joints and muscles. But let's face it, there's often not enough time in the day to get to a swimming pool, or enough space and money to install an in-ground pool in your garden. The Canadian Spa Swim Spa is the perfect answer!

Plus, the current is fully adjustable, allowing you to customise its flow for any level of swimming. And the convenient digital controls allow you to set the water temperature where it's most comfortable for you.

The St Lawrence Swim Spa is already catching the eye of aquatic fitness experts. In fact, water buoyancy makes exercising easy on the joints, and our gentle approach offers a total mind-body workout.

Aquatic exercise is rapidly growing in popularity across the country. Unlike other swim spas, the St Lawrence has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles - which is ideal for a wide range of activities. You can jog in place against a gentle current. Or, with the current off you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range of motion exercises. Thanks to the St Lawrence, you can now enjoy the full-body effects of aquatic exercise with timesaving convenience in the privacy of your own home.

- 16ft length
- 72 Stainless Steel Therapy Jets
- 3 Swim Jets and 2 river jets
- Three 4hp 2-Speed Pumps
- Continuous Filtration System
- 1.5hp Heated Supercharger
- Canadian Spa Lane Control System
- LED Lighting System With Lit Twin Waterfall
- Balboa Ozone System
- 2 Waterfall jets
- 3 kW Heater
- 2 Piece Cover
- Wooden Frame 
- Maintenance-free Durawood cabinet

Supplied with a top quality Charcoal Grey Durawood maintenance-free cabinet with solid base, and a Silver Marble Shell.


Delivered & installed. Requires a 6" concrete base or equivalent and 230 V/ 50 Amp RCD breaker and cable fitted prior to delivery. Delivery charges do not include crane hire or road closures if these are required. For your spa to be installed on the day of delivery, you need to arrange for a qualified electrician to be present at delivery and have installed a 50A cable, single phase with the appropriate gauge coming from an RCD, with live, neutral & earth wires available. The installers will test the spa on same day as delivery with the cable you provide but your electrician needs to sign off the installation before use.

Canadian Spa Company Warranty with Spa :

Canadian Spa Co. Manufacturing extends the following warranties to the original purchasers of its portable spas:

Structural Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants structure of the spa shell against water loss due to structural failure for the period of 25 years from the date of purchase by the original owner. If in Canadian Spa Co. opinion, structure proves to be defective Canadian Spa Co. will repair or, at its option, replace the defective structure without charge to the customer.

Surface Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants the acrylic finish against defects in material and workmanship and specifically against blistering, cracking or delamination for the period of Three (3) years from the original purchase date to the original purchaser. In Canadian Spa Co. opinion, the surface proves to be defective during this period, Canadian Spa Co. will repair or, at its option, replace the defective spa shell without charge to the customer.

Plumbing Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants the plumbing of the spa will remain free from leaks for the period of two (2) years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.
Equipment Warranty: Canadian Spa Co. warrants the equipment pack (pump, blowers, heater, and control system) against malfunction and defects in the materials and workmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Skirting Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants the wood skirting surrounding the spa to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase. Because wood is a natural product and subject to weathering, any fading, crazing, cracking or warping of the wood finish is not covered. Synthetic skirting may also have the same weathering all be it much slower

Extent of Warranty:
This Limited Warranty applies to portable spas manufactured after January 1st 2010 and sold by authorised Canadian Spa Co. dealers to residential retail customers. This Limited Warranty is given only to the first retail purchaser and terminates upon transfer of ownership. No warranty is provided on light bulbs, light lens covers, filters or any dealer installed accessories. Cost of installation, removal and/or shipping of the spa is not covered by this Limited Warranty. In the event Canadian Spa Co. deems necessary the removal of the spa to a place of repair or that the spa must be replaced, any and all costs of the spa removal and replacement; landscaping, decking, fencing and/or structure removal, alteration and/or replacement; or other costs of providing access to the spa will be for the purchaser. This Warranty applies only to spas in single family, residential installations. This Limited Warranty becomes void if the spa is placed in a commercial application.

Any defect or damage caused by installation, alteration or repair by anyone who is not an employee of Canadian Spa Co. or authorised service technician is not covered by the Warranty. This Warranty becomes void if the spa has been subjected to misuse, abuse, alteration or attempted alteration, repairs or attempted repairs by anyone other than an authorised Canadian Spa Co. service technician, improper installation, improper water chemistry, improper maintenance, acts of god, or damage caused beyond the control of Canadian Spa Co. Misuse and abuse shall include any operation of the spas other than as directed in the Canadian Spa Co. Manual.
Examples of misuse and abuse include, without limitation:
• Damage of the spa surface caused by leaving the spa uncovered while the spa is empty of water or due to covering the spa with plastic film of any kind.
• Damage to the spa surface caused by contact with cleaners or solvents.
• Damage caused by the operation of the spas at water temperatures outside of the range of 34 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Damage caused by unapproved sanitizer such as calcium hypochlorite, tri-chlor type chlorine or any sanitising chemical that may remain undissolved on the spa surface.
• Damage caused by failure to provide even sufficient support for the spa.

Warranty Performance:
In the event of a defect covered under the terms of this Limited Warranty, notify your authorised Canadian Spa Co dealer. A Canadian Spa Co. authorised service technician will repair the spa subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Limited Warranty. Use all reasonable means to protect the spa from further damage. Reasonable travel charges may be assessed by Canadian Spa Co. or its authorised service technician if the spa is located outside the nearest authorised service technician’s service area. This warranty covers parts ONLY and does not include travel or on-site service charges unless a Service Contract has been purchased from Canadian Spa Co. Ltd.

Canadian Spa Co. or any of its authorised service technicians shall not be held liable for injury, inconvenience,loss of use, chemical or water damage, transportation costs, continent liabilities or any other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damage as result of any deficiency or alleged deficiency of the spa. In no event shall Canadian Spa Co. be liable, for any reason or cause, in excess of the amount paid for the product. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are valid. No agent, dealer, distributor, Service Company or other party is authorised to change, modify or extend the terms of this Limited Warranty in any manner whatsoever.



Product Specification Product Specification
Brand:Canadian SpaSize:495 x 230 x 137cm
Code:St.Lawrence DNumber of Seats:3
Capacity:8500 litresDry Weight:1035 kg
Filled Weight:9685 kgInsulation:YES
Total Jets:72 Recliners:1
Massage Seats:3 Headrests:2
1 Speed Pump (HP):4 2 Speed Pump (HP):4
Booster Pump:4hpBlower:1.5hp HEATED hp
Heater:3 kWOzone Purifier:YES
Light:2 x LEDCover:4
AMPS:45 Aromatherapy:YES
Steps:OptionalChemical Kit:Optional
Warranty:3 YEARSFinance Option:YES
Kerbside Delivery:NoInstallation:INCLUDED
Type:Swim Spas
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